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About Harrison

Harrison Manzano was born in Glendale, Ca on December 7, 1998. He lived in Southern California until he and his family moved to Mammoth Lakes, Ca in 2008. While living in Mammoth he decided he wanted to join the military and prepared to do so until music took a larger part in his life in his freshman year of high school.

At the beginning of his freshman year Harrison received an Amazon gift card from a friend and decided to buy music with it. He ordered the albums American Idiot and Uno and was instantly in love. He obsessively listened to American Idiot and ended up purchasing the entire discography of Green Day. While in high school, Harrison bonded with another kid, Skylar Simpkins, over Green Day and they decided to form a band (Late to Work). Harrison was assigned the bass as his instrument, so he received one for his birthday and began learning by watching YouTube videos and playing Rocksmith. While in Late to Work, Harrison convinced his brother Dominic to play drums, because of the band needing a new drummer. READ MORE


The lyrics of our songs are mostly inspired by the recent move of Harrison and Dominic from Mammoth Lakes to La Crescenta, and their initial feelings of homesickness and isolation. Other inspirations for music come from frustrations with high school and the students that attend it. Sometimes songs are even written to poke fun at the anger and negativity associated with our music and the punk genre as a whole.