About RAT


Rotten Apple Trees formed in early 2016 when brothers Harrison and Dominic Manzano decided to form a rock duo, with Harrison playing guitar and singing, and Dominic playing drums. The name Rotten Apple Trees is a pun of their last name, which means apple tree in Spanish. They originally set out to be a blues-inspired garage rock band like The White Stripes, but instead found themselves writing punk songs inspired by the likes of bands like Green Day and blink – 182. Dominic’s metal drumming style sped up the songs Harrison had written and made them more aggressive and angry. They quickly realized that they belonged to a different genre and embraced the idea of being a two-piece punk band.

Around March of 2016, Dominic and Harrison set out to record their first EP. After months of trying to figure out how to record at home, they found they sounded best by recording songs together in one take to capture a more “live” feel in their parents’ garage. By May of 2016, Rotten Apple Trees released their debut EP, “The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far”, digitally.

Immediately after the release of their EP, their friend Phillip Mardorosian asked to join them as a bass player. Dominic and Harrison had already played in another band with Phil and thought his playing style worked well with theirs. So, in May of 2016, Rotten Apple Trees fully formed as a punk three-piece.

Rotten Apple Trees is currently working on its first full-length album and plans to start recording late this year. The addition of Phil on bass gives their music a whole new layer of depth. The music they are currently working on is even more punk than their last release and their music style is more matured. Rotten Apple Trees continues to better its musicianship and song writing. They are more excited with each song they compose, and believe that others will enjoy it as well. Harrison, Dominic and Phil are excited to record and release even more of their music to the world. Hopefully on physical copies this time, instead of just digitally.