About Our Music:

We are a punk band that hails from La Crescenta, California. We write and play music because it encourages us to grow and to change, whether it’s learning a new instrument or trying to play a new style of music. The bands that are our heroes, Green Day, blink – 182, The White Stripes, and System of a Down, encouraged us to get into music and inspire us to become great musicians. We hope to make ourselves and others happy by playing music, and to inspire others to pursue music.

Rotten Apple Trees is comprised of Dominic Manzano on Drums, Harrison Manzano on Vocals and Guitar, and Phillip Mardorosian on Bass and Vocals.

Although we are still a small band that practices in our parents’ garage, we have bright hopes for our future. We know that it won’t be an easy road to take, but we are ready to play gigs, make music, and make friends along the way. We have recently released a small EP and added a new member to our band, Phil, and we are currently working on an album. It’s still in the early stages of creation, but we’re excited about what we have so far.

We’ve only been a band for a short time, but we have already adapted to each other’s playing styles and personalities which makes practices productive and a lot of fun. Our writing process usually begins with Harrison or Phil bringing a riff to the band. We then build off the riff and Harrison adds a melody and lyrics. After we have the basic outline of a song, we practice it over and over to find and fix problems we have with the song. Once we have sufficiently practiced the song and are comfortable with it, we record it.

The lyrics of our songs are mostly inspired by the recent move of Harrison and Dominic from Mammoth Lakes to La Crescenta, and their initial feelings of homesickness and isolation. Other inspirations for music come from frustrations with high school and the students that attend it. Sometimes songs are even written to poke fun at the anger and negativity associated with our music and the punk genre as a whole.